No, the new, simplistic console won’t be home to GTA: V or Destiny, but there are some really exciting games coming to the Ouya. While a lot of the system’s library will be ports from PC, iOS, and other platforms, most are console exclusives to the  Android-based box, at least at first. The system’s release is just over a month away and the list of titles available at launch has grown to about a hundred, so let’s take a quick look at the first five android games I am looking forward to most:

Remember last year, when Doublefine (Psychonauts, Costume Quest, Stacking) absolutely shattered their Kickstarter goalafter promising an old-school adventure game? Yeah, they knew you wouldn’t forget, so they’ve been working on Broken Age. It’s about the parallel lives of a girl whose village elects her to be a sacrifice to a monster and a boy would-be-adventurer on a spaceship with a computer for a mom. No word yet on how those two stories intertwine, but knowing Doublefine, it should be entertaining when we find out.

Point-and-click adventure games are usually best played on the PC, where you have a keyboard and mouse, sure, but the unique art style and music in the above trailer make me think the game will look and sound great on the  TV. Doublefine is known for making console the lead platform for most titles, so there’s no reason to think Broken Age won’t feel at home on the Ouya. There is no announced release date yet, but if you happen to be one of the over eighty-thousand backers of the project, I would highly recommend taking advantage of your access to keep up with the updates and watch the wonderful documentary 2 Player Productions is making about the whole process.

Not many of the games announced for Ouya have names as big as Tim Schafer behind them, but many of them did getting funding for their titles using the same method he helped make popular. Legends of Aethereus is one such Kickstarter success story. Swedish developer Three Gates has put together a third-person action RPG set in a fantasy world reminiscent of ancient Rome…if it had, you know, monsters and magic and stuff. The games looks to be packed full of weapons, skill trees, crafting, and other customization options. What more could you ask for?


Modes you say? In addition to the Arena showed above, there’s a single-player story, co-op, and PvP play. Stunning visuals? The look isn’t exactly on par with Skyrim or other modern RPGs, but for the relatively limited tech in the Ouya,  this game looks great. Granted, the available videos all show the PC version of the game, but it doesn’t look like anything that The Little Console That Could couldn’t handle. Travel between multiple universes? Oh wait, that’s the next one.

If Legends of Aehtereus looks good, Chrono Blade is downright stunning, considering it’s designed to play on mobile devices and in a browser as well. Despite these other options, it looks like the Ouya version will be the one to play, since the game will require you to master a multitude of combos to take down opponents in 2D melee combat.  To customize exactly how you want to fight, this free side-scrolling action game will have you collecting gear and climbing skill trees with either character, playing or paying, it seems,  to power them up.

Dudes with Giant muscles, rock music, and a wealth of enemies- there’s not really anything new here, but I’m still excited to punch evil the nWay way. The veteran team is made of people who’ve worked on Grand Theft Auto, Diablo, Dead Space, and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. While pedigree doesn’t guarantee anything, Chrono Blade seems like a really polished brawler, even if it doesn’t have any standout features or hooks. The co-op and competitive play could keep me on the couch for a while, if the combat is as visceral, and the progression is as compelling, as it looks.

Such an exciting name, right? I know, there’s probably not any possible three-word combination that could get you less excited for a game than Legend of Dungeon. Banal title aside, this game looks really cool. It’s a one-to-four player rogue-like action RPG set in a supposedly 26-layer-deep, mystical structure. Though still images misrepresent this as yet another pixel art dungeon crawler, seeing it motion makes it clear that dynamic lighting changes everything. This is something beautiful.