Casino Secrets Gamblers Don’t Want You to Know

Going to the casino with all its glitz, glamour and energy can be quite thrilling. Playing on the various slot machines with their well-lit faces, buttons or even better-pulling arms gives you a total rush as you hold your breath waiting to see where your spin is going to land.

Gambling both online and at a brick and mortar casino royale online offers hours of fun but can also land up in a bit of disappointment if you go home empty-handed. Although when you walk through that casino door or log in if you are online it would be nice to know that you may be able to win some cash before the night is out or not lose the shirt off your back.

Casino’s are mostly above board as to their operations and make no pretense that they are there for both your entertainment and to make a profit from you. But as they are a gambling facility, they are also taking a gamble on you not winning back some of those profits.

Secrets of the casino’s that gamblers do not want you to know

Professional gamblers have basically got casino life taped! They have studied the various strategies, house advantages and so, to turn them to their advantages. As such they tend to keep the secrets of casino’s as hushed up as they can.

Don’t play at familiar tables

Familiar meaning that the dealer knows the other players not only by name but something about them. Leave the table especially if you are not one of the locals and have just walked into the casino. Casino’s thrive on making money for “newbies” and or tourists!


casino roulette gambling table

Play at tables with more people

If you play at a more crowded table to start the night out with or are trying to assess the table a table that has more people tends to have a lot slower play. Thus it gives you time to assess the table and adjust your play accordingly.


Counting Cards

Counting card is legal in most countries including England and America. As long as the player does not have any help from another person or no devices. But just because it is legal does not mean that the casinos have to put up with it and they usually don’t. If you are going to count cards be sure you are smart about it and devise a way that is not too obvious to the casino what you are doing.

Walk away when you are ahead

As a casino is stacked to win odds are that when you do win, they are probably still a ways bit up on you. For you have probably already paid into the games a lot more than you just won. Well that assuming you weren’t one of the very lucky ones that put some cash into a game and instantly won a jackpot. Even still it is advisable to take your winnings and either put them away or leave then an there.


Black Jack

Not only is blackjack quite an easy game to play, but there is also quite good odds of winning with a 1% house edge that most casinos have. It is also a game that if there are not too many people at the table the dealers are usually more than happy to talk you through. Especially if you give them a nice tip.


Be nice to the dealer(s)

ALWAYS be nice to the dealer! They can make your life hell if you prove to be a horrible, arrogant or poor loser. They will also spread the word through the casino so that other dealers might know how horrible you have been. Being nice, no matter your luck, may even get the dealer to offer up some good advice like what table you are more likely to win it!