The age of science and technology brought has brought with it the increased interest in online casino games. The most popular method of personality classification is Myers Briggs Type Indicator. This indicator is a psychological classification system that breaks down psychological traits into different corresponding letters. These are as follows: P (Perceiving), J (Judging), N (Intuitive), S (Sensing), F (Feeling), I (Introvert), E (Extrovert) and T (Thinking). This system is based on the fundamentals of Carl Jung. Now, you wanted to know which is the best gambling gam for your personality, you might enjoy playing slot bonuses at OnlineSlotsUK just visit the website and start playing now.

Interestingly, the method works like this: if you are detected as an introvert, it means that you like to stay alone, extroverts, on the other hand, get happiness from the society and friends. If you are a thinker (T) instead of emotional, it means that you are more rational less emotional.

Because we are talking about personality traits here, isn’t it be fun to take this psychological concept and apply it to the world of gambling? Do introverts prefer poker casino and roulette? Are extroverts more drawn to online slots and other casino games? Which age group is inclined towards which casino game? We did some analysis to come up with some conclusion and possibilities.


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A rare psychological type, INTP makes only 5% of the population. They pride themselves on logical and originality. They are able to analyze the situation and apply logic on it. They are very imaginative and like to apply their theories in larger space. You might think that these people would not be drawn to gambling at all but actually, some of the most popular casino games are right up to their ally. In casino and online slots, they enjoy broader games like roulette, blackjack, baccarat and video poker.

The debaters or the ENTP (Extrovert, Intuitive, Thinkers and Perceivers) are always playing the devil’s advocate. They are both intelligent and frustrating. They will fight for the sake of fighting and love to rile you up. In the world of gambling and casinos, they tend to enjoy high roller slots, craps and penny slots.

The Mother Teresa and Nightingale of Florence types, the IIJF (Introvert, Intuitive, Judging and Feeling) are the rarest of all personality types. They feel very strongly about their principles and strive to apply them on daily basis. They are introvert in the sense that they like to hide away from the world’s problem to maintain their sanity. These type of people like to take moral choices and if you are the player who has a strong sense of morality, you would be drawn to poker casino and online slots.

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The IFPI (Introvert, Feeling, Perceiving, Intuitive) are deeply sensitive people. They hate to fight and want everyone to get along. They like to stay in the backyard but are very passionate about what they like to do. If you are playing casino games with this type of person, they will like to play 3 Card Game, Let it Ride or Jackpots online slots.

When considering the age, it is important to remember that gambling is an activity that people of all age enjoy. The roulette and gambling industry has been able to capture the attention of all age groups. Whatever your age, the casino can offer an exciting experience if you are able to balance relaxation and fun with responsibility.