GameWoof is all about Android gaming. For too long Android games have been considered the ugly step child to the shiny iOS App store gaming success. Traditional wisdom has been that “Android users don’t care about games”, or “Android users don’t monetize”. Well, we call BS!

You heard it here first. Soon Android will be THE most important and vibrant gaming market on the planet. How do we know? Well, here are just a few reasons:

  • – Because Android is 75% of the global market for cell phones, and that number is only going to go up. Apple’s walled garden approach to curation as well as its constant changing of the ground rules is starting to catch up with it, and it will eventually buckle under its own weight.
  • – As game developers, we know that it is easier to make games and release them in the Google Play store. Our first iOS game took 18 days to be approved for release in the Apple App Store. Our first Android game took 10 seconds.
  • – Android hardware is evolving WAY faster than iOS with innovations like Tegra4 chips, phablets, stylus input, controller input, etc. Some of these experiments may not work, but who cares? Many of them will, and that will make gaming even better on the platform.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room. What is Spotkin, LLC, a group of veteran game developers, doing creating an Android review site?

The first answer to that question is that GameWoof will be MUCH more than a game review site. While we are initially launching with a bunch of great reviews written by great writers, our vision is to eventually become the place for players to find the BEST games and for developers to find players. The Google Play store is serving too many masters, and it can’t be good at presenting and selling the best games if it has to sell magazines, books, videos, and music. In addition to great reviews, we have many plans in place for backend technologies that will help uncover, curate, and categorize the best games.

Next, we are actually quite experienced in creating communities, having founded GarageGames, where we created the first “social network” to connect developers and players. Even though it was not called a social network, GG had all of the aspects of one. Also, while we were at GG, we created The Great Games Experiment, which was the world’s second social network for games (behind Kongregate).

Now, in a day when literally hundreds of thousands of games are coming to market each year and adding to the many more hundreds of thousands already on the market, players need a way to find the best games, and developers need a way to get their games discovered. The top 50 slots in the Play store is simply not good enough mechanism any more.

We invite both players and developers to join in to help us create the best place in the world to find and play the best games. This should be a fun ride!